Tuesday, 13 June 2006

World Cup Experience #2 Brazil vs Croatia

Phil has been waiting for today for a while - he had a ticket lined up for the Brazil/Croatia match and had been eagerly awaiting visiting the Olympiastadion and soaking up a live World cup game.

At 10.30am, Phil rings to say, he has spare tickets for tonights game. "Can we get a babysitter?"

Those that know me, know I like things to be planned and organised. I am not good at "being spontaneous" So for the next 3 hours I spend in front of the computer, and on the telephone trying to find someoneto look after the kids. Everyone has plans...after almost giving up and resigning myself to having to stay home, we work out a deal with Michelle and Gordon to take the kids to their house, and share the babysitting (this is OK with their babysitter) PHEW!

Somehow Phil had 8 tickets... Phil and I, Sonia and Alan, their 2 older boys, Stuart and James, and Michelle and Gordon. We all met at our place. James and Stuart were so excited, Stuart even kissed Phil's bald head! We got ourselves organised and walked up to the U bahn. The train arrives, it is heaving with people....heaps of Croatian and Brazilian supporters. We have to split up and get on different carriages (this is at 6.30pm...the game starts at 9pm!) The train, although cramped (thank goodness it was only 2 stops), is fun. The Brazilian supporters would sing, then the Croatian supporters would sing. Everyone was really festive, and there was a real sense of excitement everywhere. (We were in Sydney for the Olympics...the same sort of buzz)

From the moment we got off the train we were in a sea of people. It was an unbelievable feeling and I think we were all grinning from ear to ear. It was happy, electric and we were all so happy to take this unexpected opportunity to see the World Cup live! (and Brazil too!)

Oh..I forgot to say, they were not just tickets, they were corporate tickets...la de da! So we went to the marquee and had dinner and drinks. On our chairs was a bag with a cool watch, a money clip, and a cap. We were all like kids at Christmas. The meal was really great, buffet style, and lots of laughter and chatter before we headed into the stadium (and perhaps a few beers for the boys as well).

After dinner, we headed to our seats in the stadium. I have been to the stadium for a tour with my parents when they were here in January (where we walked around in knee deep snow). Tonight was hot and humid, and even hotter inside the stadium. But what an atmosphere. A sea of yellow Brazilian supporters and a sea of red and white checkered Croatian supporters. There really was a buzz about the place!

Anthems were sung and the game began. I will be the first to admit I have no idea of the rules for Soccer,(you must say football in Germany, otherwise no one knows what you are talking about). But it was great to watch live. Brazil kicked a goal in the first half, and the Brazilians went wild. Croatia fought back but couldn't score. I was really hoping that Croatia would kick one goal and even it up...then on the points board, Australia would have more points. But it wasn't to be.

After the match we went back to the marquee, and had some more drinks and something else to eat, and wandered home about 1am.

What an awesome experience, and we all are still stunned we were able to go! My first live game of soccer, and I got to watch the Brazil team! COOL!

scroll down for extra photos....I couldn't fit them all in! :)

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