Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Cameron is ready for the World Cup

We had to go to the doctors today and have the blue cast removed, and a new one put on!
Check this out for a cool cast. The bandage is dipped in water, and then wrapped around, and then the bandage hardens to make a cast! Cameron thinks it is really cool....now I should try and find some Aussie Stickers to go on it as well!
He has to wear this cast for 4 weeks.....that is fairly appropriate for the World Cup!

Oh....and here is the handbag I bought myself for the World Cup...I had to get Germany colours...they didn't have any Aussie colours. But it is still cool! :)

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Tannia said...

Italy looked lovely but I'm very sorry to hear of Cameron's fall!

Liam thinks Cameron's cast is VERY cool and asked how come he'd never had one...he hasn't had any broken bones *touchwood* but he did run into a tree last week and gave himself a big egg on his forehad!

Always great to read of your adventures!