Saturday, 24 June 2006

Summerfest 2006

The annual School Fete.

Lots of work in preparation, but the day was a great success, and the kids had a ball.
As you arrive, you buy tickets to use on all the stalls. The only time we really saw the kids was when they had run out of tickets and wanted to get some more!
There were lots of games for the kids to play, pony rides, mini golf, bouncy castle etc.
The English Book stall was there, ans we spent a small fortune on books.
We had a lot of raffle prizes.
Separately we had themed baskets donated by each year level. (Cameron's basket was Gardening, Alexander's was Stationery).
You buy your tickets for the Summer baskets, and put your tickets into the boxes in front of the basket that you want to win. The Malaysian Embassy donated a basket of goodies, and in it was a large packet of MILO! Our supply of Milo has jsut run out a few weeks ago.

So I bought some tickets, and all my tickets went into the Malaysian Embassy basket.

Alexander and Cameron were on stage to sing "The Homework Song". We also had a Japanese Soccer Entertainment group come as well. They are in Berlin touring, had a free day, and someone at the school asked if they would like to come. After they did their show (think of the Soccer version of the basketball Harlem Globetrotters), they spent the entire afternoon playing soccer with the kids. They were really great!

Bradley, Cameron and Alexander

When it was time to draw the raffles, I had my fingers crossed! The quilt I donated as a raffle prize (see 16th June entry) was won by a German friend and her English husband, so I know the quilt has gone to a good home!


I was New Zealand friend was very envious (you can't get MILO here). Maybe I will make her a Milo when she comes over next!

In the baskets were lots of noodles, soy sauce, chilli sauce, and a gorgeous piece of fabric, that I will be able to cut up and make something with:) as well as the 2 hats the kids a re wearing in the picture below!

Bradley, Alexander, Meghan, Cameron and Hylamway

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