Sunday, 11 June 2006

A Flying trip to Turkey

After a full week (finally back in Berlin) it was time to hit the skies again - this time on Friday afternnon as I flew to Turkey. There was an important congress on and I was specifically invited by my Turkish colleagues, so how could I refuse?

It was in Antalya, which is the 'Turkish Riviera', sitting at the bottom of Turkey on the Mediterrainean. Nice and warm, very much like Sicily.

I arrived after midnight, only to find that the planned pick-up service had already gone (plane was 10 minutes late, isn't that enough of an excuse??) After wandering aroud trying to find them for 20 minutes (no, they really were not there!), I tried to get back into the terminal to use the cash machine. No go. The security guards wouldn't let me. After a bit of discussion and arm waving, I finally got in - only to find that the cash machine didn't work!

So, outside, find a taxi, and told it is a flat fare of 50 Euros. However, it was a long way and 50 Euros was probably justified. I finally got to the hotel after 1 am.

Next morning was asleep in morning, then of for a swim in the Med. Following this, I met my colleagues for lunch, then 'baby-sat' the important speaker for the afternoon before the big congress in the evening. It all went well, and I dont think I fell asleep more than twice (!!??)

Sunday was up early, quick breakfast and off the the airport. For a tourist resort, it was huge. and pumped the people through. Glad to be home in the afternoon, and went straight to our friends where Nicole and the boys were, to settle in and have a few beers.

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