Tuesday, 20 June 2006

World Cup experience #5 Germany v Ecuador 3:0 and England v Sweden 2:2

As part of a 'social activity' for a company meeting, we went to the Waldbuhne (an outdoor ampitheatre with a massive screen) to watch the Germany Ecuador game. It was a great performance from the Germans, and the crowd was very happy!

The big screen at the Waldbuhne

The crowds start to roll in

We enjoyed the atmosphere then joined the crush on the S-Bahn to head into town for a Spanish meal. It was hot and humid, and we sat outside and enjoyed the balmy evening, a good meal and a couple of drinks.

We then headed into the Fan Mile, and watched the last 2 goals of the match England v Sweden - the Germans were keen on the outcome, because if England lost, they would play Germany! I think the Germans were happy with a draw, so they now play Sweden in the next round.

The Fan Mile...the screen is right in front of the Brandenburg Gate..can you see the statue of the horses on the top??

We enjoyed the crush of the crowd, which was in great spirits. We had a ride on the big ferris wheel - The operators were 'encouraged' (goaded, I think is a better word) to spin our car as fast as possible by one of our group. I got off feeling decidedly unwell!

Wearing my Australian supporters gear was a great choice because so many people wanted to have a chat, and say how well Australia did, how they are cheering for Australia to make it through and how wonderful Australia and Aussies are! It made the fan mile even more fun!

Home at about 1:00 am.


Tannia said...

I am so loving hearing all about your world cup experiences :) Please keep the posts coming :)

I feel almost like I am there!

Singular Stitches said...

The big screen thing is just *too* cool.

Unfortunately, I don't think this type of thing would work well in the US. There would be too many destructive, drunk people to contend with...