Monday, 29 May 2006

Inside a Berlin hospital staff who speak English.....and I can use some of my German too.
Straight from getting our bags off the flight from Sicily, we hop into a taxi.
"Kinder Krankenhaus in Westend bitte!" (Children's hospital in Westend please).

The taxi driver looks at me very oddly, and I have to explain that Cameron has broken his arm on our holiday and we need to go to the hospital.

Cameron is reluctant to go to the hospital, until we get there, and he says "Oh, I know this place, the doctors are really nice here" (been here previously when he needed stitches in his chin aftera fall at ice skating)

So, bags in tow, we arrive in the emergency ward at 11pm. Staff are great, and give us a place to leave our bags. I explain the situation, the doctor takes the xrays from me, has a look, and says wait in the waiting room until we are called. We wait for a whole 5 minutes, before we are asked to come into a room, where they have already started to get the plaster ready! How is that for great service! Cameron is very brave and we need to wait around for an hour to check the plaster sets properly, and the blood is still getting to his fingers. Both boys fall asleep on my lap in the waiting room while we wait.

We are given the all clear, staff call a taxi for us, and we are home by 1am! Thankfully the boys both sleep in until 10am the following morning!

We visit an Ortopedic on Monday, and we need to bring Cameron back next Tuesday to have this cast removed (the swelling will be gone by then) and another one put on - this one will stay on for 4 weeks. (should be off just in time before we come back to Australia for a visit. Phew)

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~Kim~ said...

Sorry to hear of the adventure to the hospital! Hoping Cameron is making it ok with his cast. Love the color!