Sunday, 28 May 2006

Inside a Sicilian hospital

Italian dancing is bad for your health!
After dinner, we headed to the resort's piazza for some dancing. They had a kid disco, and then some adult dancing afterwards.
Cameron was doing some dancing, when he slipped over and landed on his wrist. Crying out in pain, Phil takes a look at it and says "I think it is broken"
I say, "Give it awhile, he will forget about it, and it is probably only sprained."
Cameron fell alseep for awhile, but at about 11.30 he woke up, he was crying out in pain. So, Phil took him to the hospital in the next town.....with our handy European language electronic translator in tow.

The resort calls a taxi, and Cameron and Phil set off into the Sicilian night. The hospital looked very dodgy - dingey, no one around...Phil did not get very good vibes...The taxi driver is very friendly, and stayed with Phil and Cameron to try and help out. But becuase he, and everyone else on the graveyard shift didn't speak a word of English, it became a game of international charades.

Finally Cameron was examined. With the right sign language, it was made clear that Cameron may have fractured his wrist and was sent to X-Ray. Luckily Phil has dealt with these a lot at work, and was able to get Cameron all set up so the X-Ray could be taken (how do you tell a 5 year old to stay still whilst everyone else runs from the room to avoid radiation, when he doesn't speak the same language??)

Phil and the radiographer checked the films and it was clear that there was a small hairline fracture. Sent back to emergency, they were not too keen to plaster it, and wanted Cameron to go to Palermo to have it set the next day. Phil was not all that unhappy with this, and got them to wrap it tightly as Cameron would be back in Berlin where he could get it set [the German way] the next day.

The taxi driver stayed with them the whole time. He tried his best and Phil was really impressed with him. He didn't help much, but at least he tried!

They finally made it back to the resort at about 3 am. From rested and relaxed to stressed and sleep deprived with one Italian dance move!

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francesca said...

How is the kid? Has he recovered? I am really sorry to hear what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waiting for you in the green and sunshine Tuscany!