Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Business Meeting - Palermo

As part of a European Business group, we have representatives from the major EU countries (France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany) some smaller ones too (Portugal, Hungary and Turkey) as well as those of us from the regional office. Every second meeting we 'escape' from Berlin and have one of the countries host the meeting. This time, it was Italy's turn - so we went to Sicily!

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, and a reasonable place for flight connections for all (via Milan airport). We arrived at the hotel at various stages on Monday - I arrived after midnight.

I think the hotel must have been an old palace - the place was really impressive and was very much a hang out for the 'Gucci' set. No wonder they would not extend my stay when I asked if they had any family rooms...I think it is basically a no kids type of resort.

Meeting was very lively (as always) and the group are great company, so we have very entertaining nights out. being in Sicily, we went to a couple of superb little restaurants - a local trattoria, and a seafood restaurant on the seaside. Bonissimo!

When the meeting was over, I transferred to the resort where Nicole and the kids would join me for a long weekend - I have been travelling so much that this really would be a great chance to relax and spend some time together!

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