Wednesday, 24 May 2006

obsessive compulsive??

Well, we did took over a week to do, but the boys and I have been sorting out LEGO! We have so much Lego, and the boys want to make the helicopters and trains etc...but always have trouble finding the little specialty pieces in an enormous box. Then it is up to Phil or I to help find the tiniest piece.
There had to be an easier way!
So off to Ikea to buy some storage units, and Cameron helped assemble the units after school. He liked to hammer the dowel pieces in, and help with the screws.
Tonight we will label the boxes, and all will be perfect in the world....just like my tupperware! :)
Maybe I need to get out more!

all sorted by colour...

Doesn't that look much better!

I think I need one more unit......back to Ikea next week!


Ash said...

Oooh, that's gorgeous! We are deep in de-clutter land too, but I hadn't thought of that for the Lego! Way to go!

Mel in Dubai said...

What a great idea, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea. We have lego galore tooooo. Hope it stays like that.