Tuesday, 9 May 2006

What's for Dinner?

The school runs "clubs". These clubs run over lunchtime breaks and after school. The lunchtime clubs are ideal when it is Winter, and too cold to play outside. In summer lots of sport activities outside and other clubs. Since we have been here, the boys have been involved in storytime, cricket, football (soccer), playground games, board games and others I cannot think of at the moment. This term they are both in cooking club. Last week they made a pasta dish, and we decided to make it together last night! YUM

Here is the recipe for anyone interested....it is a nice quick meal to make, and really delicious. Next time, I think I will chop up some sun dried tomatoes as well!

Salmon Pasta
500 grams hard pasta (dried one, not fresh from fridge area) spagetti, spirals, penne.. any really
water to boil pasta
1 tablesppon butter
1 onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup pouring cream
150 grams smoked salmon, finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste
fresh parsley, finely chopped
fresh parmasen cheese(optional)

Boil water, add salt and cook pasta "al dente"
While pasta is cooking, fry onion in butter until onion is transparent, not browned
add the cream and salmon
add salt and pepper to taste
drain pasta, and add to mixture along with parsley
Serves 4 people
top with cheese (optional)...
yummy with Herb or Garlic bread!!

Well done boys!!! :)

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Mel in Dubai said...

Mmmm, this sounds yummy! Might have to try this out on my tribe over the weekend :)