Sunday, 14 May 2006

World cup fever

The world cup is fast approaching, and Berlin is really getting into shape. There has been lots of road construction, they have added a new entrance to our local U-bahn station (including lift - but it is only on one side of the railway, so you can go, but not come back again if you are in a wheelchair??). Some of the announcements on the trains and stations are now in English (well, American really), they have painted the Fernseherturm (tower) in Alexanderplatz as a soccerball.... and I bought an Aussie World Cup jersey! Nothing in the size for the kids, but they were happy with Aussie caps and lanyards.

I expect to go to three of the games in Berlin, and have been invited to a 'party' to celebrate the final. If the atmosphere is anything like the 'buzz' that descended on Sydney during the Olympics, then it will be a fantastic few weeks to be in Berlin.

The boys' school has a charity comp and we have put in a bid for the Australian team (with a couple of teachers who lived there at some stage). Not so much competition for little old Australia, but for Germany and England, I understand the bidding is ferocious. I may also bid for Iran, as I can't see too much action for them in the current climate...

So, even though the Socceroos will only appear in Berlin if they make the final, we will be cheering them on. (listen for the sounds of "Aussie, Aussie Aussie, oi! oi! oi! )

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