Saturday, 27 May 2006

Touring Sicily..hold on tight!

WOW, I will never complain about Sydney traffic ever again! (You can quote me on this!)
Phil thought it would be a great idea to hire a car and tour a bit of Sicily. All organised the night before, and we picked up the car straight after breakfast and headed off towards Palermo. Roads are pretty good there, and the freeway is 2 lanes the entire way, and everyone stays to the slow lanes unless overtaking.

Sounds good.....well, then it gets scary! As you head into Palermo, the lanes widen, and then the white lines disappear...2 lanes mysteriously can become 5 lanes, with cars trying to squeeze in anywhere...then you have all the motorbikes and little mopeds as well! I would have taken a photo or 2, but my hands were firmly embedded in the cushion of my seat! There was no way I could eve nthink about taking any photos out of the window...I was too anxious!

Here are some photos of the countryside once we had stopped. Sicily is really mountainous. the roads are really interesting, instead of winding around the mountains, they have drilled tunnels through the hills and drive through the mountains. So, it makes for quick driving (as well as driving at high speed limit!). They really have the road system figured out and the autobahn type roads were really good to drive on. Too bad about the crazy Sicilians tht we shared them with!

We rented a littel Alfa 147 diesel. It came with only 1/4 of a tank. So one of the first jobs was to find a petrol station, and fill it up! We were expecting a big bill (witht he price of petrol), but the little diesel was filled up for about 22 Euros! We then used the same tank all day, travelled for about 10 hours, and the little car was very impressive (and nice to drive).

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