Saturday, 13 May 2006

Back to Cairo

I flew out on Sunday to Cairo - it was my third visit, and each time I find the city fascinating, really vibrant and I always enjoy outstanding hospitality from my hosts.

Third visit - third time to the Pyramids! The first time was a visit with a tour guide (a professor of Egyptology), the second time was dinner in the desert, and this time I went to the 'sound and light' show. Using lighting and lasers, they tell a history tale about the pyramids and the Sphinx, and they make the Sphinx look like it is talking. Very loud commentary, and very '60's...

We then had a seafood dinner in a restaraunt nearby - when the lights were on, the pyramids looked so close you could touch them.

Work went well, but at some point I let my guard down and ate something I shouldn't have... Came home with a dose of 'spruhwurst' [ a german slang term for 'spraying sausage' - that is diahorrea].

It first hit me in a shop - I asked for their toilet and raced against the clock up the stairs, through the back of the store and found the privvy... ahh relief. But only then did I notice NO DUNNY PAPER! And after that visit, it was really needed. Big problem!

This is why I don't travel anywhere without a pack of 'babywipes' in my bag. Can't think what I would have done without them (maybe bought a few ties I would never wear...??)

Tough weekend to follow, but lesson learned. DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN with the food. After 18 months of travelling to the most exotic (and dirty) places, I have never got a dose.. until now. I think I got a bit too used to it with all my recent travels and let my guard down.

I have one week in Berlin before I head off again. Hopefully my innards will be back to normal by then!

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