Wednesday, 3 May 2006

It's the little things you miss

Looks like an Easter show bag!!!! (well it came in a very cute Pumpin Patch carry bag) , including some apricot curry chicken mixes and a couple of magazines.

Sarah has been back to Australia and brought us back some goodies...(and a few weeks ago Paul got us some Violet Crumbles).

I left them on the bench. When the boys came home from school they were beside themselves when they saw everything. They both decided that they would have 1 of each, as they couldn't decide which one to chose!....mmm..I don't think so!

Thanks are a life saver! :) We will return the favour when it is our turn, start writing your list!

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Mel in Dubai said...

Yummy! My kids miss Freddo Frogs - I'd get my mum to send some over but they'd just be a melted mess of chocolate by the time they got here - lol!

My in-laws have just visited though and they bought Moccana, Vegemite, Mint Slices (although we can get all those here) plus Darrell Lea's Green Apple licorice - my favourite! I don't think it lasted the day - lol!