Saturday, 10 March 2007

The Travel show

A busy Saturday...Open Day at school. Alexander was asked to be part of the gymnastics display. He has been doing gymnastics in PE, and also a lunchtime club as well. So, that was really great to watch him do that.

Cameron had a party for Mohamed, and Alexander and I set off to the travel show at the Messe Hall. Lots of stalls for different countries, and all the airplane companies to look at all their aeroplanes. We collected lots of postcards with the different planes on them, ate different foods, and listened to some local music.
Alexander is studying Ancient Egypt for topic at the moment, and we saw this King Tut mask. He got lots of pictures of Ancient Egypt for school as well, and a bookmark made of papyrus. Below is Alexander on an Indian "taxi".

After walking around for 4 hours, we met Sonia, Michelle, BJ, Cameron and Meghan (Sonia collected Cameron from the party), for dinner at an American Diner.

Meanwhile, Alan, Gordon and Phil are somewhere in Scotland watching a rugby match.

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Tannia said...

Cameron's Tulips look wonderful - i remember doing that project myself at school with carnations :)

The travel show looked like great fun as well....