Monday, 12 March 2007

BSV Rugby tour to Ireland and Scotland

Phil joined 21 other guys (including Alan and Gordon) for a Rugby team tour to Ireland and Scotland. It was a super (long) weekend - departing Berlin on Thursday night and returning Monday morning. First stop was Belfast, and a big night out. On Friday morning the team had a defensive coaching session from Ulster's defence coach (Ulster is one of the three top clubs in Irish Rubgy). Next came lunch and a few beers, before a ferry ride across to Scotland. 2 hours on the ferry and 4 1/2 by train and the boys were in Edinburgh. What a great party city!

The boys saw the Ireland Scotland game at Murrayfield on the Saturday, and on Sunday went to Panmure FC, near Dundee, which was Alan's old club when he was a kid. There is even a photo on the wall with him looking like a young Michael Jackson (what an afro!). The hospitality of the club was superb!

On Monday morning, the boys were on the bus at 6:00 am to drive to Glasgow and to fly back to Berlin.

It was a great trip, the guys were a great bunch and Phil, Alan and Gordon had a super time. Of course, being a rugby tour, there are no details.....


Tannia said...

*chuckle* Phil wont EVER want to come back to Australia eh????

Sounds like he had a fabulous what ar eyou planning for your 'girlie' trip ? Stash buying in Paris, Samplers in England?


swooze aka Suzette said...

There are no details.....and probably best left that way!