Friday, 23 March 2007


A friend recommended a waxing place in Berlin....not a popular thing to do here...yet. My eyebrows were beginning to look like John Howard' something needed to be done. I could go to a Beautician here, and have them plucked for 20 minutes....or be in and out in 5 minutes...I chose the second option.
Here is the price list, (click on the photo to enlarge it),and I will let you try and work out what they mean. I don't think I will be buying Phil a gift voucher for Father's Day.
I am sure the girls see more than they wish to during a typical working day! I won't be applying for a job here!


Georgie said...

A Brazilian Hollywood man????

Kylie Swain said...

Oh come on Nicole, I can see Phil sitting there having the Brazilian Hollywood Man done!! Not an image I want in my head though !