Friday, 9 March 2007

Cameron's Science Experiment

Cameron's topic in Science at the moment is plants.

He came home all excited yesterday telling me that we had to buy a bunch of white tulips and food colouring.

I had the food colouring already, so when we went to the shops later to get someting for dinner, we also picked up a bunch of tulips from the florist. Luckily tulips are everywhere at the moment, and a bunch of 7 cost us 2 euros! Bargain! :)

He cut the stems down on the tulips. Got out 7 glasses, filled them with water, annd added food colouring to the glasses. Then put the tulips in the glasses. (they look quite colourful on the bench)

24 hours later, this is what the tulips look like.
The food colouring has worked it's way up the stem of the tulips, and changed the colour of the petal. I couldn't get a great close up of the tulips to show you how amazing they look close you can do this experiment for yourself....


Ash said...

Thanks so much! I'm going to try this one at school with the kids!

Alycia said...

you know I am going to try this!! Especially for easter!

Melinda said...

What fun to color the tulips - great idea.