Friday, 2 March 2007

Happy Birthday Phil and Alexander

Phil turned 3* on Thursday, and Alexander turned 8 today.

We had the McLeish and the Ramsay families come for dinner and cake. Normally I need to make 2 cakes, one for each birthday, and 24 cupcakes for the class. This year, with Phil away in Seefeld, I only needed to make the 1 cake, and 24 cupcakes.

Phil arrived home around 7pm, and everyone turned up not long after. After a yummy dinner of apricot chicken curry, we settled down to sing Happy Birthday, and eat this fabulous Nigella Lawson chocolate cake, complete with smarties and M&m's. It is the best cake any of us have ever tasted! (Sonia wants me to try some other recipes to add to our cake list!)

Alexander got some great birthday presents, and of course there was more Lego.

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Sweet P said...

Happy belated birthday!