Friday, 2 March 2007

Phil-Back to Austria

Following a week's skiing, and a day and a half at home to do all the washing, Phil headed off to a business meeting.... in the ski fields of Austria! As he arrived early, Phil had another day and a half skiing, which he loved. The resort was really quiet, and he got discounts on his ski hire and lift passes, and one morning had a whole run to himself for 1/2 an hour, before being joined by another 6 or so skiiers until the ski schools came out in force at about 11:00. With fresh snow one day (and rain the next) the skiing was quite variable.

The local church, covered in fresh snow.

A view from the top of the mountain.
Part of the ski run
Phil ready to ski down the mountain.
The meeting went well, and Phil celebrated his birthday with work colleagues (Cake and Apple schnapps) and a big night out. He would have stayed for the weekend (more skiing - perhaps this is a new addiction??) but Alexander's birthday was on Friday night. Phil's aim was to make it home for dinner, and see Alexander on his birthday. He had never been away on one of the boy's birthdays before, and was not about to start now!

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Tracy said...

Ooooh Snow. It's been over 30 here for a week or more :) I'm so envious of your cool snow.