Sunday, 4 March 2007

Last skating day for the season

Today was the last Sunday for skating for Winter this year. We found today a bit difficult, having been skiing the week before, we all seemed to have trouble working out where our body weight should be. After about 10 minutes it was all OK again!



Gordon and Meghan.

The kids having morning tea.

BJ and Cameron.

Winter here, has been disappointing, with hardly any snow. Phil packed my bicycle away when it first started to snow, but it melted so quickly. I will get the bike out again tomorrow, and start riding it again! This time of year in the past 2 years we have still had heaps of snow, and been able to make lots of snowmen in our garden. This year the snow didn't hang around long enough for us to build even a head of a snowman! The boys were keen to make a snow ramp in our garden this Winter, so they could slide down it after school, but it never happened. Hopefully next Winter we will be able to make it, because next Winter will be our last here!


Judy said...

What bright, cheerful faces! A final day of skating must mean that Spring is soon to be here? The snow covered village and mountain pictures are gorgeous and bring back memories of our trip to your part of the world.

swooze aka Suzette said...

Wow what fun you all have been having. For some reason I did not see any of the holiday pics until today. Glad you had a good time! Welcome back!

Sharon said...

Great pictures. It seems that everyone has been having "weird" winters. . .we had very little snow, but got ice, very low temperatures & lots of wind. . .all of which is not our usual winter mix.

Enjoy your future bike rides.

Simonetta said...

I believe that for the children has been a very amusing day!!! Happy Birthday to Phil and Alexander with an a little late :))))

Philipa said...

Amazing to be looking at all that snow. Its been over 35 every day for over a week here... got to Autumn and it heated up. My kids are envious of the pictures.The only snow they have seen was when we were in the Northern Hemisphere last year in summer and there was still some very old snow about in the high country in the US and some in Norway. They would love to try some skiing and skating sometime...