Saturday, 31 March 2007

Off to Scotland

After a hectic start to the year, it was amazing how quick the Easter holidays had arrived! We were off for an 8 day holiday touring Scotland with our friends the Ramsays and the McLeishs. It was therefore 6 adults and 4 kids - Nicole and Phil, Alan and Sonia, Gordon and Michelle, and Alexander, Cameron, Bradley and Meghan.

James (Alan and Sonia's 14 year old) flew across to Scotland with us and was collected by his granny at the airport. He was not in Scotland to see the sights, but more likely to eat Granny out of house and home!

We flew over on Easyjet, which for a 2 hour flight is not so bad. We arrived at Glasgow and collected our hire cars - A huge 4wd for the McLeish family (they had ordered an estate (station wagon)), a Zafira for the Ramsays and a little Peugot 407 for us! We had the most kids and the smallest car! There was enough room for our luggage and generous offers of 'space for hire' in the bigger cars if we needed it!

The first night we were staying in Falkirk. We set off in a convoy from the airport and were travelling along the motorway when Alexander, who was a bit unwell, decided he needed to be sick. Luckily we rapidly reached the shoulder and he emptied the contents of his stomach outside the car, not in.

We got underway again and caught up with the others at a roadside stop, and then tried to find somewhere for dinner. The idea of 'fish and chips' from a local chippie appealed to all and we found one on the way into town. From a very low point, the smell of fish and chips perked Alexander right up!

After driving around town for a while, we eventually found our hotel - it was Saturday night and there was a wedding on in the hotel's reception area. We got ourselves organised and to bed, thinking that the day was over....

At about 3.00 am, the hallway outside our room became the set of a soap opera. It appears that Lorna, who got herself drunk at the wedding, was very annoyed becuase her significant other, Michael, had taken off with her best friend, Jackie, for a quick shag. Lorna was knocking on every door trying to find them and intervene, whilst a gaggle of female friends and relatives (all at least as drunk as Lorna) were encouraging her to come to bed, as quietly as they could (which, when they are 'crissed as pickets', is not very quietly at all!). Their language was appalling (they kept using the word that would describe what Michael was doing to Jackie).

Eventually, when Reception didn't respond, Alan 'encouraged' them to finish up and please go to bed. The end of our first day in Scotland!

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