Thursday, 30 March 2006

In the forests of Bavaria...

For many months, the Year One's and Two's have been preparing for the 'Key Stage 1' production of Hansel and Gretel. Alexander had a role as a narrator, and many of his friends had other key roles in the production. Cameron, being in Year 1, was in the chorus. Alexander had the luxury of wearing jeans and a special T-Shirt, (Nicole was quite relieved he wasn't a woodland animal like a bear, lion, or other creatures), whilst Cameron had to dress up as a lolly or biscuit! Nicole managed to get a stripey red and white hat and t-shirt and a pair of red leggings, so he looked like a candy cane. A great and easy idea - no elaborate costumes to make! Cameron's friend Bradley had exactly the same costume..Sonia and Nicole shopped together!

The show was a great success, running on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Alexander's friend Yasmina played the part of the witch, and really stole the show! Alexander could take his script on stage and just read his lines... but he didn't! As per his 'performance' in the 'Stars of the Future' last year, he took to the stage with his usual flair - knew all his lines off by heart and embellished with impromptu actions to support his lines! He had a great time. He stood next to his friend Emily, and they both looked great!

Cameron sat next to his mate Bradley, and they sung their hearts out (and mucked around a bit!...sometimes it can be boring in the chorus!). After each performance it was off to our favourite ice cream shop, Mauritius, for a celebratory ice-cream then home to bed!

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