Saturday, 11 March 2006

Alexander's Ten Pin Bowling Party

We took Alexander, Cameron and 7 friends bowling for Alexander's 7th birthday party. I booked the lanes over the phone..(a brave thing for me, I am not confident speaking Deutsch on the phone). I didn't mention that the lanes were for children. Not all lanes have the ability to put up the gutter rails (the rails come up, so the kids don't end up getting gutter balls for the whole time). unfortunately all kid lanes were booked, and we had to tough it out on the "adult lanes".

Surprisingly, the kids did pretty well. Isaiah gets the award for the slowest bowling ever. Twice the ball stopped in the middle of the lane and we had to ask the guy working there to get it for us. The kids were terrific. I loved the way when someone was bowling, the others got behind them and cheered when a pin was knocked down, and were sympathetic when the ball went into the gutter!

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~Kim~ said...

So great to hear that the children enjoyed themselves!