Monday, 6 March 2006

An hour in Poland

What shall we do today? Let's get on a train and go to Poland for a quick visit to the market! Well, why not. About 12 of us got on the train and headed over to Poland. Strange looks from the border police when they see an Australian Passport, and it takes a bit longer than the rest of the group, but that is OK. Here is me standing beside the Polish post....proof that I was there today. The river we crossed was frozen over. If you look really closely you can see guys on the river with their little ice holes dug out (careful how you say that), trying to catch fish...must have been really cold out there! Markets were interesting....lots of bargains, if you are after cigarettes, or lingerie that leave nothing to the imagination......We did find a small stand with some Polish pottery, and some of us bought some pottery there.....others checked out the alcohol stores and bought bottles of Polish Vodka back....I think most of the vodka got back into Berlin. As for those "Roll Mops" garlic or peppers wrapped in pickled herrings , they were eaten on the train....not by me!!! Have not acquired a taste for these...and I hope that I do not!! A fun day!


Gosia said...

I guess a trip to the market must have been *mhhm* interesting ;) I'm slowly getting back to normal after the move (although we still live out of boxes) and I'd love to meet you! I live in Friedrichshein and my e-mail addy is: gosiuniek AT gmx DOT de

AnneS said...

You're a crack-up ... fancy going to Poland for such a short time! Sounds like you had a very interesting time haha ... shame not 'all' the booze made it across the border LOL.