Saturday, 25 March 2006


We ran a scientific symposium in Barcelona over the weekend. It was really hard work, but the results were fantastic. Luckily, at the end of the program we had a city tour for the speakers. This meant we had the Schering team and 5 of the top specialists on a minibus for a tour of the city.. Could be hell, but all of the speakers were really great, and the local professor acted as out tour guide - and it was fantastic. One of the advantages was that we got a tour of the historic "Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau" hospital, the second oldest working hospital in the world and a World Heritage location, which is normally closed to 'tourists'. The buildings are spectacular (a series of pavillions) and it is interesting to see how you can put a modern hospital into such a setting, that dates back to 1401.

Barcelona was really interesting, and the Gaudi stuff really impressed me. Before I went to Barcelona, I thought Gaudi was some guy who had lost his ruler. After seeing his work, I am now really impressed by what he achieved - his work is really interesting and worth seeing. The apartment building he created, the 'La Pedrera', has a small museum to his work and when I walked through the apartments and visited the museum, my opinion of his work improved dramatically.

After a long (very long) winter in Berlin, the weather was great. I had a wonderful visit and would love to return when for pure pleasure to really discover the place....

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francesca said...

Hi Nicole and Phil,
how is it going springtime in Berlin? Just come back from the beach to have my fierst sunbath!
Aniway I am still waiting for you in Florence!
Well, everything is going fine and in two weeks I will be in Madrid!