Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Coffee Cups and Tulips

A blogging question that has been making the rounds lately is to take a photo of the coffee cups that are your favourites. So, here are mine.
My Sydney 2000 Olympics mug, I use in the evening when I make myself a chocolate milk.
During the day I drink out of a plain white Maxwell and Williams Mug...I love it because it is simple.
I am collecting these Polish mugs as well. You can buy the same coffe mugs but with different patterns, using the same blue and white glazes. My aim to find different patterns in the same size mug to use as a set. So far I have 2.

The tulips here at the markets are divine....and oh so cheap! This time of the year they are everywhere, and you can buy 10 for 2 euro. I love the different colours. I buy my tulips every week from the same lady at the market. During school holidays ,the boys come with me and smile nicely at the lady. Every week, she gives me a packet of lollies each for the kids after school! I will see if I can take a photo of the flower stall on Friday.

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