Friday, 10 March 2006

So much snow in March!

For the past 48 hours it has not stopped snowing! So unusual for March (so the German people tell us). It is quite thick, and great for snowball making. After seeing Maureen's children, Bobby and Katie's igloo in there garden in our last big fall of snow, the boys have asked that we make an igloo in our garden! We have the first 6 large snowballs in a semi circle, and will do more later this afternoon. We will do 2 large snowballs on top of each other, then use a quilt to cover the top of the igloo...more photos later!
The novelty of snow has not worn out on us..we still love it. Perhaps this is because we are not driving a car in Berlin. Maybe I would feel different if we were driving a car in this weather, I do not think that would be a pleasant experience!
Here is a photo of Alexander waiting for the bus (Cameron didn't want his photo taken today), and a photo of the garden!

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