Friday, 10 March 2006


Tonight we had a Bingo night at school to raise a bit of money for the PTA fund! What a hoot! Well, I think we would have been kicked out of any "proper" Bingo hall. We were all a bit noisy, but gee we had fun. Bingo is not a popular "sport" in Germany, so the rules had to be explained. I guess it may have been a bit difficult to, when the call is in English. When you say numbers in German you say the unit 34...four and thirty. Sometimes this can confuse me, and I think the person has said 43. So I am sure it maybe a bit confusing the other way around. Here is a picture of us in the schoool hall, and some of the mums at our table!
My Nana would have been proud of me! The last game for the night I bought a few extra tickets and played 14 games at once! Well, that required a bit of concentration, but lots of fun! And it paid off....I managed to win the last game of Bingo. My prize? 25 Euro voucher for an Easy Jet flight! ENGLAND, here I come!

Here is a picture of the high tech Bingo board our callers worked from!

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Mel in Dubai said...

Sounds like fun, Nicole!!