Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Easter Holiday begins

We have done so much 'touring', where the boys have been fantastic and covered incredible distances and learned to be really seasoned travellers, that we decided that this Easter, we would make sure we had something special on our program just for them. After some discussion, it was decided that we would go to Legoland in the south of Germany.

As this is not too far from Munich, we decided that a couple of days touring would certainly be OK before we got there... So we travelled by train to Munich for a few days, then on to Guenzberg to Legoland, for our Easter break.

So, Easter falls in April this year, it is spring in Berlin, so we pack for similar weather in Munich - and get off the train to find it SNOWING! My god, if you are concerned about global warming, just spend some time in Europe! It was a case of wearing all possible layers of clothing and walking fast to keep warm.

We had some fantastic advice from a friend of ours who is originally from Munich, so we had out tour plans pretty well organised when we arrived. After checking inot out hotel (not far from the main train-station, but still far enough to freeze on the way!) and putting on more clothes, we took a city bus tour to help us get somewhat oriented with the city. This put all of the advice in perspective and we were ready for a proper touring day the next day. (it was also warmer on the bus, although this did nothing to persuade our thinking.... well, not much!).

The "mascot" of Munich is the Lion. now that explains the song in Hansel and Gretel that the kids were singing "Lions are roaming the woods of Bavaria".. So it was the boys mission to find as many lions as they could! They found heaps, and we had to take photos of each one we found.. here is one...

We were in a massive hotel room (It also obviously doubled as the wheelchair-friendly suite) and the boys had to be instructed NOT to pull the emergency call cord whilst sitting on the loo! It was huge, and comfortable, and perfect for us.

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