Sunday, 30 April 2006

All is right in the world...

After 15 months, we finally have the BBQ working again! After getting a German gas bottle, I realised that the connections were all wrong. I then had to find a hardware shop (like a Bunnings) where they had BBQ stuff - but no adaptor existed to fit the German bottle with either the Australian hose, or a German hose to an Aussie BBQ!

A friend offered to fix it for me - so I gave him my Aussie hose, a new German hose, and a description of how they should be connected. He had a mate who worked in the industry who could get it done. So at 'mate of a mate' pace, it was converted to fit - but being Germany, there was all sorts of concern about its use, and I nearly had to swear on a stack of bibles that it was for outdoor use only (Question - who BBQs inside?).

So, after 15 months, I got to fire up the BBQ. Beer in hand, warm spring sunshine, BBQ up and running... All seems somehow right in the world.

This weekend we had Lieven and Tina and Alan and Sonia over to give the BBQ a proper test run. Problem was the weather turned nasty and my breath was steaming as I was trying to cook lunch (about 5 degrees)! It all went well, and we had a super afternoon.

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