Friday, 14 April 2006

Welcome to Legoland

From Munich, Legoland, Germany is 1 1/2 hours on the train. We had a sensible time to be at the station, and we were at Guenzburg by 11.30am. Enough time to check into the hotel, get ready for Legoland, and be at the gates by noon.

The boys were overwhelmed as we approached the site, and saw large Lego blocks on a roundabout as we turned off the main road. The gates to Legoland and the music that was being played was pretty impressive...they couldn't wait to get inside.

The first thing that was recommended to us was to book the kids into the Lego/Audi driving school. It was only for kids between 7-13. So unfortunately Cameron missed out, but there was a junior driving school for him. Alexander had to get his photo taken, and then sit through a 15 minute video on safe driving (all in German). Then a15 minute driving practice on the mini roads. The kids were brilliant, they were all very sensible, all kept on the correct side of the road, and there were no accidents. After their test, they were given their license. Cameron had a mini track that they went around, he still got a license, but no photo...but both of them were thrilled about it!

Next were lots of rides, lego boats, lego cars, trains, horses, and so much more. There was so much to do, and the kids are just the right age for Legoland. There were a couple of roller coasters, and a mad mouse. Alexander wanted to try them, and was scared on each one, but he had a go, and after the shock of it, was happy he tried it...but once was enough. Cameron surprisingly didn't want to go on those rides...and I thought he would be the one who would want to.

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