Sunday, 25 September 2005

Cameron has chicken pox.

14 days after Alexander's first spots appeared, Cameron has his first 3 spots! He was excited that he could spend the whole week at home with me. But when I told him it also meant not going to the zoo today and seeing his friend Bradley, he was really upset and decided chicken pox wasn't very fun at all! We probably infected heaps of kids yesterday at a birthday party for school. We happended to be at Berlin's largest Indoor Play Centre! OPPS!


Charlotte said...

Starting an epidemy Nicole! That's not very serious!! :) Hope he feels better soon!
Charlotte xoxoxo :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Alexander & Cameron are not selfish and sharing there spots with others
Love Pa xoxoxo.

Del said...

Oh no! Not the zoo!! How sad to miss out, but I'm sure you will get there another day!

Thomas says "oh, thats not very good is it mum!"