Saturday, 17 September 2005

The many steps of St Michel

Our city tour was a great way to see the sights of Hamburg. With our daily pass, we were able to hop on and off our bus at any stop. The buses came past every 15 minutes. We got off at St Michel's church. (that is the church behind the boys in the photo) The church stands 132 metres high. You can get a lift to the top, or walk up the stairs.....we decided to walk...up 452 steps! They were steep, and the boys got a bit frightened at some parts. We were lucky we didn't get 1/2 way up on the hour. Each hour the bells chime, and they are loud!! The view from the top was terrific. You can get terrific views of the harbour and the layout of Hamburg. It was a great way to see Hamburg. We decided to get the lift to the ground!

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