Sunday, 4 September 2005

New Bikes

Yesterday, we went to the large Bike shop near Kaiserdamm U bahn, and bought the boys a new bike each. Alexander was ready to have the training wheels removed from his first bike, and Cameron is not too far behind. The Bike shop is huge, and has a big track around the outside. The boys could go for a test ride on the bikes they were measured up for. Cameron went fairly fast and managed to bail up a young girl who was on the track at the time! Opps!

We had to wait an hour whilst they built the 2 bikes we chose. They have a cafe there, so we were forced to have a coffee whilst we waited! (we drink a lot of coffee here, although it isn't as strong as a Gloria Jeans coffee).

Once the bikes were done, the boys rode home. Phil had to run to keep up with Alexander, and I was walking at a fairly good pace to keep up with Cameron. After a good 15 minute ride, we were home. We have been up the large round about up the road and the boys are getting better on the bikes. Even learning how to start and stop by themselves.....fairly important!

The great thing about Berlin is the fantastic bike tracks on almost every footpath! As a pedestrian it took a while to make sure you do not walk in the bike lane(the red paving) The riders do not slow down, and are very quick on the bell!

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