Saturday, 17 September 2005

Double Decker Bus Tour of Hamburg

Up early, breakfast and off to the city to begin a tour at 10.30am. We started in a "hummelbus" an old form of public transport..(pictured here). The tour was in English and German. We were able to work out what was being said in German, then see how we went in English. Some of it was easier that others. Sometimes the tour guide just talked too quick for us! Some of the buildings around Hamburg are beautiful. In former days, if you were wealthy, you painted your home white...there are a lot of large white houses in Hamburg. Hamburg has the second largest working port in Europe. It is enormous! (the largest is in Rotterdam) Hamburg is on the River Elbe, which runs through quite a bit of Germany. We have already had a ferry ride down the Elbe at Dresden. We were able to show the boys that this was the port that all our furniture came into 8 weeks after it left Sydney. It was in Hamburg that our container came off the ship, and then was put on a truck to drive to Berlin! There are heaps of waterways in Hamburg, and it actually has more bridges that Venice! This year was very exciting for the people in Hamburg, the QE2 came in twice. On these weekends there were heaps of people that came to Hamburg to see QE2

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