Saturday, 17 September 2005

Model trains galore

Hamburg has the largest model train exhibit in the Northern Hemisphere. It is great for boys of all ages. We had to wait for about 1/2 hour in the queue. While we were waiting, a lady from the cafe came around and gave all the kids a free icypole, and the adults a drink of juice or water!Amazing! Once we were inside there was so much to see and do. For the kids there are lots of buttons to press on your way around, to make ferris wheels go around, a man bungee jump, ski lifts operate and so much more! There is even a UFO that hovers over part of a field. There is so much to look at, and amazing attention to details. The fields of sunflowers were incredible. (although beside the field, was a river. In the river was a man that had drowned...the area had been taped off. Police and "CSI" people around investigating, taking photos and lights on cars flashing. You could spend days in there, and still not see everything. There are all sorts of different trains, and the boys thought this was terrific.

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