Friday, 16 September 2005

Back to school for Alexander on Monday!

Well, looks like we are over the worst of the spots. Alexander can go back to school on Monday! He has a note from the doctor that says he is not contagious anymore. His teacher was terrific and sent some work and readers home for him. She even sent a "special" pen for him to do his work. We have watched some movies, played with Lego, and Alexander has been sewing his first quilt. He picked some fabric from my stash and has been sewing strips together. He would love to have it finished before he gets back to school, but I think it will be the following week before he can quilt it and bind it. Here is picture of Alexander with his quilt top and his spots. We have decided to still go to Hamburg this look next week for some ramblings about that! :) Now Cameron wants to get his chicken pox soon, because he wants to make a quilt too!


AnneS said...

Tell Alexander his quilt is looking terrific! :-)

Tannia said...

Hi Nicole

What a wonderful quilt Alexander is making. It's just wonderful that the boys are picking up a love of making things from their mum!

Good Job Alexander - there are lots of people all around the world who are just waiting to see your quilt finished. Keep up the great work!

Tannia and Liam in Melbourne!