Sunday, 18 September 2005

Hamburg Men

In Berlin, there are many sculptures of large Bears, painted by different artists, children's groups etc, all used to raise money for children charities. In Hamburg, there are these men. I still do not know the meaning behind the men (when I find out I will let you know). In Berlin, I have taken photos of the boys in front of all the bears that we see. So, in Hamburg I decided to take photos of the boys in front of as many Hamburg men that we passed. I think we got about 35 in total. By the 10th, the novelty had worn off, and it was a struggle to get them to stand there for more than 1/2 minute! You have to be quick with the camera! Here is one with many flags on it. We found the Aussie one on the shoulder!

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Kylie Swain said...

Hi guys. At least you found the best flag there is! Sounds like you had a great time and we love seeing and hearing everything you do. Love Kylie, Rob & Oliver.