Saturday, 3 September 2005

Our closest Park

We have a great park 2 blocks away from our place. It has the usual swings and slides and wooden castle type house. But the thing the boys love the most is this terrific water fountain. they pump the water out, and then run down to the end to fill up the buckets and watering cans. Underneath the fountain is an enormous sandpit, and you can make terrific moats and rivers with all that water. There are no water restrictions in Berlin!

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Kae said...

Well, Nic, it's obvious you just gave Fil "credit" to be .....nice. I swear, Elvis changes in every pic I see! He's growing SO fast! When did you get specs?! I had to get mine when I got this machine and discovered I was far-sighted. Went from 20/15 to trifocals at age 49. Your needlework, is, as usual, "better than professional"! Your talent with threadery (and patience!) amaze me! And, I LIKE the red hair! You can be a "Scandinavian" for awhile! I love the site and have it in my Faves!