Saturday, 1 October 2005

A long 3 weeks of Chicken Pox over!

Thank goodness, you only get Chicken Pox once in your lifetime. Imagine if you got it like a common cold! Cameron is over the worst, and will be back at school next week. His case was more severe than Alexander's. We have a public holiday here on Monday (Bank Holiday). Phil is currently in Cairo, he will be back on Sunday night! Here he is on his last trip to Cairo (August). Seems to be good shopping in Cairo, he always comes home with really good quality suits, ties etc....He tells me today he bought himself a new pair of shoes! I am sure he has more clothes (and definitely more shoes) than me! When he rang today he was in a fabric store (one of the girls is looking for dress fabrics), but nothing good for patchwork (not that I really need any more...but don't tell Phil). In our "confinement" I have managed to do a bit of fabric shopping via the internet.....gotta love the internet, when you can buy fabric without leaving your home....poor little credit card gets a bit of a wholloping!
Well, I am sick of being at home....the boys and I are off to our local ice cream cafe! YUM YUM!

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