Sunday, 23 October 2005

A quick trip to Kiev

Phil had a business meeting in Kiev on Friday:

I flew in on Thursday night and got to the hotel about midnight. Friday was stuck in the office all day, but the business meeting went really well. That night I went out to dinner with the local General Manager and his wife, then out to 'Art club 44': a basement rock venue in central Kiev. The band was great, but I didn't understand a thing they were singing! The music was really good, though! Had a great time.

Saturday morning the weather turned to rain (after being perfect blue skies whilst I was stuck in the office!), but I still did a walking tour of the centre of town with the local GM and his wife. Interesting city - Clean, quite modern, and influenced by Russia from one side and Poland on the other. Very 'Western', too, with all of the big brands, billboards etc. However, once out of Kiev, everything really changes and it is apparently like stepping into another world.

The photo is of me in 'Freedom Square' - this was where the Orange revolution was last year - apparently a great event, peaceful and almost like a permanent street party. We also saw the Sofia Cathedral and the other main sites in the centre of town. Back home on Saturday evening.

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AnneS said...

Your quick trip sounds wonderful - I love to see the piccies. One of the things I love about Europe on the whole - the architecture is so amazing, and there is so much history compared to us 'down under' ... just fascinates me!