Monday, 17 October 2005

Wallace and Grommit

or should that be Grimace and Vomit? ! Great movie, lots of fun, and lots of laughs...interesting day though...
Phil had taken the boys out for a bike ride in the morning. Alexander had a fall and hit his head. (He had his helmet on) All was OK, he looked and seemed fine, except for a bit of crying. He came home, had lunch and then we headed out to Potsdamer Platz to see the movie. The cinema there shows all movies in their original language! PHEW! :) The local posters advertise "Wallace and Grommit - auf dem Jagd nach dem Reisen Kanninchen" - so this may be a bit much for our German right now..

Before we left, we checked Alexander out again. He was fine, no pains, headaches or anything apart from the bump on the side of his head. So, off we went!

Alexander wasn't feeling too well on the train, and said he had a little headache. Once we got out of the train station he was sick on a tree. He said he was feeling better and was OK to see the movie. We thought of taking him to the doctors then, but he really sparked up again. Movie was great, except for 2 intervals of Alexander vomiting in the cinema. I took him out the 1st time, and I found an employee to tell him about the mess in the cinema...his reaction "don't worry, swap seats and we will clean it up later"...Alexander said he was OK to see the rest, so we went back in, and changed seats! 5 minutes before the end of the show he did it again.

Phil thought we should take him to the hospital and get him checked out.... Luckily we ran into 2 families from school, both who know a great kids emergency room and speak much better German than us. They got us a taxi, and spoke to the driver about where he needed to take us, and made sure the driver knew exactly where to go. Sonia took Cameron back to her house.

We waited a whole 5 minutes, before we were taken to see the doctor...incredible! :) Luckily the doctor confirmed it was just a very mild concussion. The thing was that even though Alexander felt OK, the stimulus from the movie (sights and sounds) were way too much, and this caused the vomiting. He then said "well, he shouldn't even be reading, playing game boy, play station or watching any TV. That will make him feel nauseous." (Opps, that was a pretty big TV screen!) The doctor said it was unnecessary to admit him, just to take him home and let him rest for 24 hours...any more vomiting or other symptoms to bring him back!
All is well now, back to school on Tuesday, just a nice little graze on the side of his head! Now he knows why we insist on wearing a helmet every time they get on a bike! Lesson number 1 :) Hate to think of what would have happened without it... nice to dint a helmet and not a head!


AnneS said...

Poor Alex ... often lessons learned the hard way are the ones that sink in - betcha he wears that helmet next time, poor thing.

Charlotte said...

Vomiting around here as well!! Dan told me he had a tummy ache this morning but I told him "Have a banana, you're probably hungry!!" We then headed off to Watermead to walk the dog, I thought we could walk around the big lake but Dan insisted he'd much preferred the small lake. I bought some tea bags in the small shop and we were on our way home when he suddenly threw up the whole banana and everything else left over from breakfast! Even the dog (who's usually pretty greedy!) stepped backwards as we watched Dan throw up again and again!!!
Luckily for you, we stayed at home this afternoon and in between many vomiting fits, I managed to finish your amulet bag!!!!!
YES! IT IS FINISHED!!! I'll send it tomorrow if Dan's better to walk!
Oh, I did wash my hands well in between looking after Dan and beading!

I hope Alexander's head is better,

Lots of love from Charlotte xxxx