Saturday, 1 October 2005

Eis bitte!

Translates to "Ice Cream please".We are fluent in German at our local Ice Cream Shop. The boys can order their own ice creams and drinks by themselves...."Ich mochte ein kugel Schokolade und ein kugel Zitrone in einen becher mit bundestruese bitte" I would like a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of lemon, in a bowl with 100's and 1000's please! The 2 waitresses who usually serve us are really friendly, and very patient with our "basic" German. (although I must be improving, because today she asked me why we hadn't been for awhile ,and I was able to talk about chicken pox) The boys get spolit with extra wafer cones and little flags in their ice creams...we haven't had any Aussie flags in our ice cream yet, they are all EU countries. Our first attempt at ordering ice cream was very poor. In my next German lesson, I asked my tutor to tell me all about ice cream, how to order, all sorts of flavours, bowls, cones, 100's and 1000's etc. (She thinks I am a bit mad) In my first German lesson I asked her to check my sentence for "Could I please have a cappachino". and then "Could I have another one please" Gotta get your priorities right! :)

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Anonymous said...

Learn how to say strawberry and chocolate please in German. I suppose it will be to cold by the time we get there. Mum