Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Mallorca family holiday

WOW, what a relaxing week! We seemed to miss out on Summer this year, with heading over to Australia, and Phil travelling. So this was our final chance to get a bit of sun before the winter sets in! We had a good flight, and got in late, and it was dark. We had a transfer to our hotel, and it took about 45 minutes. Thank goodness we decided to get a transfer, and not hire a car. The roads are windy and Phil was certain we were just going around in circles.
The hotel was reasonable, all inclusive. The pools were lovely, and we were walking distance to the beach!

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AnneS said...

Crikey - all this time, right up until only a couple of days ago, the last post that was showing in my system was your Kiev trip ... all of a sudden today there are oodles of posts! I'm going to settle down tonight and have a good read :) I love to see your travel pics :))