Friday, 30 May 2008

last day

We had an early pick-up and transfer to the airport for a 10:30 flight. With the long drive across the island, we were on the coach at 7:40, which means we missed breakfast. We made do with a few pieces of fruit and reached the airport to discover that our plane was delayed until 14:30. So we settled in to wait..

check this double banana...Cameron thought it was awesome!

All of a sudden our flight disappeared from the board, and an unintelligable message with our flight number came over the system. Our plane would depart earliest 17:00! So they packed us onto coaches and shipped us to a local hotel.

There were many cross Germans (more on them later), but we took the attitude that it was an extra day on the island and we were going to enjoy it!

So, we went for a great beach walk, had a nice lunch, and relaxed at this hotel (shame we didnt have bathers, a swim would have been nice!). Eventually we were loaded onto coaches and shipped back to the airport for our flight.

One intersting thing was the area that this other hotel was in. It was obviously the area for British tourists and had really been 'colonised' - you could drink in the O'Connells Irish Pub, the Trafalgar Pub, the Lord Nelson, and all of the shops catered for the Brits (Even the prices were 30-50% more than where we stayed, catering for the conversion from the pound). I think I quite liked the area that we were in better - better beaches and more local character (outside the hotel, that is).

Nicole managed to knit 3/4 of a sock during the wait in the airport and on the plane (managed to get the needles in carry on luggage :)

We finally arrived in Berlin at about 10 minutes to 11, with now grumpy and tired Germans everywhere. As I was getting the bags off the luggage belt, one cranky old German decided to kick my bags (he thought that would somehow make his bags appear faster? he couldn't see over them?) I used my very best gutter German to politely leave my posessions alone and that I would not look kindly on him doing that again. I think he got the message (I repeated it in English to be sure he understood....)

So, we had an extra day on the island and a very late return home (we were all really looking forward to our beds) and a lazy Sunday to recover from our holiday!

Now the washing is (nearly) done, and its back to work to save up for the next adventure!


Leanna said...

I love the picture of Cameron biting into the double banana. Too cute :) It looks like you guys had a fab time!

catsmum said...

gotta love that laid back aussie attitude!
except when one's bag is being kicked of course.
and v noice sock btw. I'm envious of you being able to get what looks like metal needles onto a plane.