Sunday, 4 May 2008

Home sweet home

Finally home for more than 3 days...
Melbourne, Ireland (Easter Holidays), San Francisco, Bangkok, Athens, Johannesbug...
Athens cityscape

Where did March and April go?

Who are these strange people in my house (oh! they are my family!)

I spent so much time on aeroplanes that I thought I would share with you an unpleasant calculation:
The average person farts 14 times per 24 hours.
There are about 400 people on an intercontinental flight (more for 747s, less for some of the Airbuses).
Per hour of flying, that is 14/24 x 400 = 233 farts.
I flew at least 100 hours in this time (2 x 22 hrs to Oz, 2 x 12 hours to Thailand, 2 x 9 hrs to SF, 2 x 10 hrs to Jo'burg....etc)
I was therefore exposed to at least 23,300 farts in my recent travels. And who said business travel isn't fun?

1 comment:

Leanna said...

You are too funny. Would you believe Shane just came across that 14 fart a day stat in a magazine the other day and pointed it out to me?
Thanks for the laugh :)