Sunday, 11 May 2008


It's not often we get to have visitors stay with us, cause we live so far away!

We have been lucky to have Phil's brother, Stephen and his wife Jane come to visit. They were allowed to visit, as long as they did some shopping for us....oddly, they couldn't find any of this stuff in a health food shop, so they had to go elsewhere for the stash!

We did the first part of the Berlin Wall walk that Nicole had previously done, however we went from the East Side Gallery (the longest stretch of existing Berlin Wall), to Potsdamer Platz...perfect plan, so we could have lunch in town. From there, it was on through Potsdamner Platz to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag.

The weather in Berlin is perfect at the moment, sunny days, but not too hot. A great day to take photos!

Here we all are in front of the Reichstag

Spot the Tourist

The Engelcafe infront of the Engelbecken (Angel's Basin)

Brandenburg Gate

We had a great day, and at lunch Jane and Nicole were given a rose each for Mothers Day!

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