Saturday, 24 May 2008

Fuerteventura - May holiday in the sun

The last week of May has 2 special events - the half-term holiday for the boys, and Nicole's birthday. This year we packed our bathers (swimmers/trunks/cossies depending upon where in the world you are reading this) and sunscreen and headed to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, for a week of total relaxation.

When we asked the kids what sort of holiday they would like, the vote was unanimous: beach and pool! So this was what we aimed for, and we were not disappointed!

We were up early to catch our 6:05 flight - which got us into Fuerteventura about lunchtime. We caught a coach to a lovely part of the Island, the Costa Calma, which has fabulous beaches, not big surf (perfect for the kids) and plenty of resorts. We stayed at the Tindaya, which was great.

As with all of our holidays organised from Berlin, it was organised in line with 'German' tour and resort operators, so once again we were in the language minority (but a great chance to practice real 'conversational' German!)

The weather was calm in the mornings and windy in the afternoons - with flat water for miles it is a sailor's delight! Lots of windsurfers and kiteboards, but (unfortunately) I saw no catamarans - this place is perfect for them! The temperature was about 25-28 degrees every day, although we did get some cloud and one short patch of rain, which bought the temperature down (enough to drive the kids out of the pool...). This was a rarity, though, and we were often still swimming at 6pm, either in the ocean or at the pool.

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