Sunday, 18 May 2008

Crazy Cocktail

Part of Cameron's Maths Homework this week was to make a Crazy Cocktail.
Cameron gave me a shopping list to buy the ingredients during the week.

The only thing I couldn't get was a drink umbrella!

He added lots of ice cubes as well.

So, Here is the Fruit Juice Cocktail...into the blender and mix with lots of ice cubes.
Pour into the glasses.
Add the slice of lemon.
"Cheers!" or in Germany "Prost"

Sorry, Cameron will not let you in on the secret recipe.


Kylie S said...

Cocktail's at the Owens then!?!?
They look delicious.

Shelleen said...

they look really good. A chef in the making?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
The cocktail sounds yummy.
What a nice surprise to be given a rose on Mother's Day.